How should I wash the t-shirts? 

Although our shirts can be washed and dried the same as any shirt; we recommend turning inside out to wash and hanging or laying flat to dry, just to keep them looking as great as possible.

The dryer is NO FRIEND to ANY t-shirt, that's where they fade and shrink


Will the shirts with the fuzzy prints wash off or wear off?

The flocked style prints are very durable; we do suggest washing carefully, to keep them looking great - but they can be washed and dried, no problem!

My fuzzy print has lint on it after the dryer, how can I get it off?

A simple few rolls with a lint roller, or a few pats with a piece of tape with have it looking great!


Where are you located, where are you mailing my t-shirt from?

We're in sunny, sweaty Phoenix, Arizona.


Do you send the t-shirts internationally?

Yes, we send our t-shirts anywhere... we send LOTS overseas and would love to send to you!